These individuals, businesses and organizations have supported LBD:MA’s mission to reach K-12 students and teachers through architecture and design workshops. Thanks to them we have been able to reach over 20,000 students across the state.  Contact us if you would like to donate funds, materials or your time to future LBD:MA programs.

Corporate Sponsors:
Boston Society of Architects
Service Point
Trillium Brewery

Grants & Foundations:
American Architectural Foundation
Boston Foundation for Architecture
Massachusetts Cultural Council
National Endowment for the Arts

Individual Donors:
Jim Ahern
Susan C Arnott
Roblyn Brigham
Polly Carpenter
Justin Crane
Chris Doktor
Mary Fichtner
Ann Fienman
Angela Gonzales
Kelly Hutzell
Steve Lewis
Meryl Nistler
Derek Noble
Peter Papesch
Kara Peet
George Perkins
Daniel Perruzzi
Kelly Sherman
David Silverman
Peter Vanderwarker
Anne Taylor

Past Supporters

Major Supporters
Funding for organizational support, special projects, curriculum development and programs comes from many sources, including these wonderful supporting organizations:

2011 Individual Supporters
Thank your to these individuals who have made a financial contribution to LBD:MA in 2011. We appreciate their belief in our mission.

Justin Crane AIA
Ann Feinman
Greg Freed
Etty Padmodipoetro AIA
Dan Perruzzi AIA
David Silverman AIA

Adopt-a-School Supporters
LBD:MA’s Adopt-a-School program offers area engineering and design firms the opportunity to fund children’s design workshops at various levels.

  • Payette Associates , our inaugural funder, is a Boston firm specializing in architecture and planning for colleges and universities, corporations, and cultural and health institutions.
  • HMFH Architects, Inc., partnered with us on the occasion of their 40th Anniversary in support of theMariaBaldwinSchool. HMFH is aCentral Square-based firm specializing in the creation of environments for learning.

Architecture Firms
These firms have supported LBD:MA by encouraging their designers to work with us.  We appreciate their flexibility and their commitment to our cause. 

Community Collaborations
We leverage funds by collaborating with community organizations who share our vision.

Services / Special Materials
LBD greatly appreciates the services and materials provided to us by these companies:

Design Educators
Our Design Educators are design professionals who have trained with us; they share their knowledge and love of design by delivering LBD:MA programs to students.*

Andrew Adamopoulos
Rebecca Bachand
Angie Campbell
Sam Coats
Kyrre Culver
Aisha Densmore-Bey Assoc. AIA
Heather Falardeau
Carla Francazio
Jyothi Grama
Diego Gutierrez
Karl Mears
Diane Miller AIA
Martha Montgomery AIA
D. Paul Moore AIA
Cathy Neal
Erica Olandt AIA
Amy Ohman 
Patricia Roka
Amanda Roy
Ann Sussman
Anthony Vogel
Susan Wheelock
 *  We apologize if you were inadvertently omitted from this list. Please let us know!

 And a huge THANK YOU to all of our terrific Architect & Designer Volunteers who have joined LBD:MA Master Teachers to help bring design workshops to students across the state.

Adopt-a-School Program

LBD:MA is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.  Architecture and design firms, and companies in related fields, support K-12 design education by donating funds to bring LBD:MA programs to students in underserved communities.

Adopt-a-School partners may choose to have us select a local school in need of support; or they may suggest a school to fund. We accept as partners only those schools that demonstrate a real commitment to the design education process. We work with these schools to find additional funding sources, and give teachers the training and resources they need to teach architecture and design activities for years to come.

Firms may also choose to encourage staff members to volunteer in LBD:MA children’s programs at their “adopted” school. By attending training workshops and volunteering in youth programs architects can meet AIA/CES requirements and interns can earn NCARB Intern Development Program training units for community service.

Donations in any amount are appreciated. As a guide, here are some typical project costs:

  • $1,000 will enable one class to take part in a six-session children’s design workshop
  • $2,000 will bring a teacher workshop and a children’s design workshop into a school
  • $5,000 will help an entire school involve their students in architecture and design projects

To discuss the Adopt-a-School program, please contact us. We would be happy to come to your office and give you and your staff an introductory presentation about Learning By Design programs.