For Architects & Designers

Architects, designers and design students make LBD:MA programs possible.

At BSA Space, in schools and at community sites, our volunteers and design educators give young people what is often their first formal connection to the architecture of their world. Like designing, teaching is a creative endeavor. As past volunteers have said:

“After being with these kids, I can’t help but feel good. I am looking at architecture in a whole new way.”

“The children worked long and hard — collaborating, problem-solving and creating. All children should have the opportunity to experience the power — and dare I say it, the joy — of designing.”

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Volunteers & Design Educators

At weekend Family Design Days @ BSA Space, volunteers  work with families to design and build models focused on the theme of the month. Volunteers in a school or community setting may work with students for one session at a time or for a full six-session program.  In one session a volunteer might lead an architectural walking tour; introduce students to sustainable design, or work alongside a LBD:MA design educator during a student design project. Over the course of several sessions a volunteer might help a group of children draw floor plans, build structural models, or set up a scale-model city. A volunteer might also show a high school class what architects do, or read stories about houses to kindergarteners, or help us to “teach the teachers” in professional development workshops.

Design Educators are Architects and Designers who have volunteered with, and been trained by LBD:MA. Design Educators typically plan a program with LBD:MA, then teach the program independently.

By attending LBD:MA training workshops and volunteering in youth programs architects can self report community service credits for AIA,  earn NCARB Intern Development Program [IDP]  and LEED AP volunteer hours.

Architect’s workshop

This workshop is a friendly, hands-on introduction to the world of K-12 architecture and design education. Architects and designers come away with the skills and knowledge to become a LBD:MA volunteer; or enough background and resources to upgrade a next visit to a neighborhood school. This workshop is typically offered on a Saturday morning at BSA Space.

LBD:MA Volunteers & Design Educators are in the best of all places–at the center of our program–at the heart of what we do. As  have said:

“As I help children build a Box City, the city becomes the classroom. This is giving back to the community, and creating community, all at the same time.”

“I can’t believe how much these young children already know about design – I wish we had these programs when I was in school!”